Started by a wife and husband team and a talented fleet of 3D-knitting robots. We wanted better - for ourselves, for you and for the planet. So we asked hundreds of customers - what’s missing?

And what we found was surprising. Everyone was the same in that everyone was different. Some needed longer sleeves. Others needed shorter sleeves. Had big feet. Small feet. Hated black. Loved black. But everyone wanted more fit options - clothes more tailored to their body type AND to their personality.

So that’s what we built. A new type of fashion company where clothing could be made in your favorite colors and designs. Where you are the center of the story. Where you can be more you.

same but 1-of-1

every single, freaking product we knit is custom-made just for you. so you can get everything in just the right colors,
just the right size or personalized with a message as unique as yourself.

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same but re-imagined

so many products are shaped or designed to fit the machines they are made on instead of the purpose they provide. our 3D knitting machines enable us to design items that are just plain better.

Learn about our Feet-Shaped Socks

same but truly sustainable

sustainable yarns? check
made in the USA? check
zero waste production? check

plus, we take a giant leap further/forward for the planet. unlike every other fashion company that burns or sends their extra inventory and scraps to landfills, we don’t carry any inventory. in fact, we only make products on demand when you say you want it. that ensures products are made to your preferences and have loving homes to go to before they are made. together, we won’t contribute to the 2.1 billion tons of fabric waste this year.

Need something? Make something!

Remind your future self about SAME BUT DIFFERENT and get $5 off for the effort.